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Why you should be writing a blog post every week

Running a website is not always an easy thing to do, and sometimes when you are generating as many clicks to your site as you’re expecting it can be frustrating.

Not only that, it can have you wondering what you’re doing wrong. Well after you check on your SEO status and check that the layout of your site is compatible with all devices, it might be a good idea to have a look at your blog section. 

Maybe you notice that your last blog is from two years ago and you haven’t thought to post anything since. Well, you may have found one source of your problem.

If you are posting a blog on a weekly basis, Google will see your website is active and keep your site appearing closer to the top of the search page when people are looking for you.

If blogs aren’t being posted on a regular basis, it may look to Google like your site is no longer active, and that could move you down.

This is a problem when you are relying on showing up somewhere on the first page when people are looking up your company’s services. 

Posting a weekly blog post not only lets Google know that you’re site is active, but also potential customers or clients. If you’re regularly posting a blog, that signifies to site visitors that you are an active business and that will incentivize them to use and trust your services.

A weekly blog also offers customers insight into how knowledgeable you are about what you are providing. Whether it be a blog on hairstyles, fashion trends or food products, if you are posting a weekly blog about it, clients can see you care and are passionate. 

Here at Brazen Bull, we offer blog post services, so if you are looking to generate more content on your site, but aren’t necessarily a word whiz, or know how to write down your thoughts, contact our office, we are happy to help!

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