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Starting a legal blog

Thinking about starting a legal blog? Consider the many benefits writing a law blog, or “blawg”, can have you your firm

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. If you are unsure about starting a legal blog for your website, consider the many benefits of writing a law blog, or “blawg”, can have you your firm. It might not be immediately obvious why you should join the legal blogging community but if you get it right and invest enough time, it will pay dividends.

Thinking about starting a legal blog?

Starting a legal blog will have a loyal readership, attract clients to your website, build your brand and raise awareness about who you are and what you do. There are almost too many reasons why you should start a legal blog to mention so we picked our top five. Be aware that success doesn’t happen overnight and at first it may seem like you are not attracting the readership you deserve. Don’t give up. If you keep producing enough quality, regular content, you’ll see the results in time. So without further ado, here are our five reasons you should start a legal blog.

Be an authority

A question we are frequently asked is how to choose a topic that will draw the most traffic. It is important to strike a balance between writing about something unique without alienating large groups of people. Choose something about which you are knowledgeable, such as the practice areas on your website, but write it in a way that a layperson could understand.

Explain legal definitions using terms that are accessible and provide real-life examples. Imagine yourself speaking to a friend who has come to you for legal advice. If you do this, it won’t be long before you start being recognized as an authority in your practice area.

Raise awareness of issues

Another important purpose of starting a legal blog is to inform the public about important issues in the legal system. While court cases get a lot of media attention, changes to the legal system generally don’t make as many headlines. People are often unaware of new legislation or precedent-setting cases until it’s too late. You can use your blog to share important information with as many people as possible.

Give your take on an issue or policy that directly affects your clients. Explain why something is the way it is. Not only will they thank you for it, but you’ll also be at the front of their mind when they need help with said issue.

Reader interaction

Blogs are a great way to interact with clients. If you pose a question with your blog or provide a point of view, some good-natured debate can be good for business. Responding to the best comments below your blogs is a good idea. It leaves a positive impression that you care and you can also show off your skills as a lawyer and knowledge of a particular subject.

Reach a wider audience

Harnessing the power of social media for your blog is a great way to reach as many people as possible. If you create highly shareable content, your ideas can spread far and wide. Blogs can take on a life of their own on social media so it’s important to keep an eye on what people are saying about your post. This could represent another opportunity to interact with people and show potential clients that you are a trusted professional with lots of experience.


Blogs represent a great way to help your website climb up the search rankings. The more you blog and the more you produce quality content that people search for, the higher Google and other search engines will rank you.

Lots of readers will find your blog by asking a question on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. They might be in legal trouble and turn to the internet for help. With this in mind, try to make your blogs answer specific questions you think your clients will be asking.

Successful SEO doesn’t happen overnight but after a while, you will start to see how quality blog content will help bump your site further and further up the rankings.

BONUS: Let people get to know you

Starting a legal blog is a great way for people to get to know you. When a potential client is deciding whether or not to give you a call, if they see you have a regular blog, then they know at least a little bit about you. In other words, you are not a faceless lawyer. Breaking down that barrier can be the deciding factor for a client to choose you over a competitor.

Let us help you

Brazen Bull Creative specializes in marketing for law firms. We believe strongly in the power of starting a legal blog to help companies reach more clients and achieve their goals. We know that, by the nature of their jobs, lawyers are very busy and simply don’t have enough time to write a regular blog. Having a blog, however, is still worthwhile. We offer marketing services for law firms and if you would like to know more about how we can help, call us on 604-370-0075 or email

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