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SEO has morphed and so should your business

A decade ago, good Search Engine Optimization was a bunch of keywords stuffed onto pages with the right title. These days you cannot fool Google by stuffing your site with keywords. The new key is genuine content. Your website needs to attract readers and retain them with quality content and by creating and releasing quality content.

We can set up your site to look beautiful, function smoothly and be prepared to expand with your needs. We also write the content to get you started. Pages under construction are an SEO torpedo. We make sure
that your pages have the right text to engage the readers and demonstrate to Google that you are a business of substance.

Creating your site with the content in mind is the new key to SEO. When your site is ready to go live, it will be ready to start climbing the Google rankings.

You get your website. But we are happy to help. After we launch your site, we are available for ongoing support, creating and maintaining content and running your social media platforms. We learn about your business so we know your business. We want you to succeed and we hope you will appreciate our hard work and want to keep us on. But there are no harsh contracts and you own your site.

How did we get here?

Advertising was not always our business. We are successful business people from other fields. The time came when we needed web-based advertising. When we went to look for it we were frustrated by the way marketing and web-design companies operate. The prices were too high. They had no capacity to create content. They wanted to own our sites and then pay huge fees for monthly maintenance. We didn’t like it.

We struggled to find the right people and fought to negotiate what we needed. We were constantly approached by other business people asking who handled our advertising. We knew what we wanted because in previous careers we had worked in advertising. So we found some super-smart and capable people to handle our marketing and, increasingly, the marketing for our friends. We had built an advertising firm within our business and it made sense to offer our services to smart business people like yourselves.

And we’re always looking for new friends in business.

It’s all about the web.

Social media platforms are an essential element to create awareness of your business, your products, your services and your brand. Everything needs to direct back to your site. Social media isn’t just about brand awareness, however. It enables you to interact with both existing and potential clients show another side to your business.

Social media can be time-consuming but with the right strategies, it pays off. That’s where we come in. We stay ahead of social media trends so you don’t have to. Everything we do has an end goal. Once we’ve spent time getting to know your business we will control your social media presence so the world can instantly see what you’re all about.

We laid low.

For a long time, we were a marketing company exclusively working for a small group and their friends. As the word got out, more business people were looking for our web presence. Now you don’t need to be connected to hire us. You just need a positive attitude, a willingness to teach us about your business and the intention to make the most of your business.

You know your business. Let us reach your customers.

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