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Platt and Associates new website

Platt and Associates is a consulting firm and professional training provider specializing in DUI and DWI litigation. Since it began in 2002, as Walden Platt and Associates, it has grown into the premiere consulting firm specializing in impaired driving and police tactics and procedure throughout North America. Its founder and President, Lance A. Platt, Ph.D. is widely recognized across the USA as the top DWI and Drug Recognition Expert training provider for lawyers and a leading light in the DUI legal sphere. Over the last 17 years, Platt and Associates has helped thousands of lawyers with impaired driving cases and trained thousands more in police procedure and DUI/DWI testing.

The firm is dedicated to helping its clients build as strong a case as possible through its case review and evaluation service. Dr. Platt insists on personally reviewing each case his firm accepts to ensure top quality results. Platt and Associates is also passionate about giving lawyers the best possible preparation for impaired driving litigation through its internationally recognized training courses.

When it came to creating an online presence for Platt and Associates, our priority was to reflect the firm’s standing in the legal community while appealing to more potential clients online. Lawyers are often pressed for time so we built a website that was simple, eye-catching and user-friendly.

New name, new look

We created a website that is clean, visually striking and SEO friendly. Changing the name of the website’s URL to not only optimizes for search engine ranking purposes but it also simply and succinctly sums up what Platt and Associates is all about.

All of our websites are bespoke, made to the specific requirements of our clients. We do not make cookie-cutter sites that end up looking generic and dated. We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and come up with solutions that are specific to their needs.

New improved content

Platt and Associates has established an excellent reputation as a leading light in the world of DUI/DWI litigation. Our goal was to make sure to sing the firm’s accomplishments from the rooftops. We created entirely new landing page content for Platt and Associates that better reflected those achievements while also being SEO-friendly.

Mobile-friendly design

Mobile responsiveness has evolved from something that used to be a bonus into an essential feature for new websites. Mobile is steadily becoming the primary way people browse the internet. With this in mind, mobile-friendly design is central to all of the websites we build for clients. Platt and Associates was no different.

People use the internet differently on their mobile when compared to a desktop. With that in mind, we included mobile-optimized features such as a “Call Now” button visible on every page.

What clients say

Platt and Associates has accrued a long list of satisfied customers over the years. Its list of testimonials reads like a who’s who of North American DUI lawyers. Building a reputation as stellar as Dr. Platt’s takes a long time and a lot of dedication. Celebrating the company’s well-deserved acclaim was a no-brainer. Our design incorporated a selection of some of the best ones on the homepage as well as a dedicated testimonials page.

Handing over the keys

Typical website developers count on you to come up with the organization for your site, provide the content and in the end, they own your site – you just rent it.

We don’t work like that. Once we have identified our clients’ needs, worked closely with them to create content, designed built and launched the website, we transfer ownership over to them. We hand them the keys. We also offer marketing and website management services once we’re done.
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