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Marketing Win Marketing Fail Apple and Toronto Raptors

Today we are looking at an example of Apple selling a meh product for a WOW price and adding more fuel to the Toronto Raptors bandwagon.

Marketing Fail

Apple’s latest innovation is a monitor stand that will retail for $1,000.

That’s right. The thing that holds up your computer screen while you’re typing away will cost an additional $1,000.

This stand was made to accompany a fancy screen that Apple is also selling for $5,000 and up.

During the unveiling of the stand, there was a collective groan that could be heard from the audience when its price was announced.

This marketing is a fail because it is straight up ridiculous that a piece of metal that holds up a screen costs $1,000. Even with fancy swivel features, this product does not seem to have the same value as a new iPhone.

An alternative idea for marketing these products would be to sell them as a package for $6,000 and market the idea to sell the screen without the stand for $5,000. Even though it is still obvious that the stand costs $1,000, it somehow comes across as less ridiculous.

Marketing Win

“We The North” is not a brand new marketing campaign but considering the success of the Toronto Raptors this year, it feels appropriate to add a little more fuel to their fire.

The Toronto Raptors are the only Canadian team in the National Basketball Association and the marketing team capitalized on this unique quality in a big way.

“We The North” is a phrase that embraces the pride that Canadians feel in calling Canada their home. It takes the sometimes brutal realities of living in Canada (cold winters, expensive booze) and flips it on its heads into something that unites the country.

The phrase has become so popular that other American teams started saying “We The South.” But instead of filing a lawsuit because of the similarity, the marketing team is taking it as a compliment.

“We The North” and its accompanying energy have spread across the country from coast, to coast to coast during the Raptors run in the playoffs.

This campaign has changed the concept of cheering for a Toronto team into cheering for a Canadian team.

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