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Instagram Reels versus TikTok – which is better for my business

In the current world of the internet and social media, it seems that every few years a new app is introduced to society and it becomes all the new rave. As a result of new social apps being created, older companies try to work to improve their apps to give them a fighting chance at competing.

The newest app that has taken the world by storm is none other than TikTok. Now while TikTok seems relatively new, it has actually been available worldwide since 2018, but recently blew up within the past few years. 

TikTok is an app that allows users to post short, or long (more recently introduced) videos for other users to see and interact with. 

Ever since TikTok was introduced, Instagram has been trying to find a way to compete with this app and level the playing field. And thus, Instagram reels were introduced. Reels are pretty similar to TikTok in the sense that it allows users to post videos that their followers can watch.

There are benefits to both of these apps, and each one has its own unique way of getting your business content out into the world. When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to know your audience and know what you are trying to get across, which will help you determine which of these two tools, Instagram Reels or TikTok, is better for your business. 

What is TikTok good for?

With each new generation, it seems as though attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter. That is why TikTok is the perfect app for, and so popular amongst, Gen Z.

TikTok is a unique app in the sense that you don’t have to be following a person or company in order to see their videos. Instead, the app uses something called a For You Page, where trending sounds and hashtags will show up. This feature gives businesses and small creators the ability to reach larger audiences they would perhaps not be able to reach on more follower-dependant platforms.

TikTok is good for making short videos with trending sounds, that will get the message of your company across in ideally 15 seconds or less. TikTok trends change almost every week, so it’s important to ensure you are up to date on the latest trending topics and sounds if you plan on using TikTok in your marketing campaigns.

TikTok is also very heavily influenced by trending hashtags, so it’s just as important to keep track of what tags to add to your videos when posting them. Many people also include #fyp, which is the For You Page hashtag, to better improve their chances of showing up on the page. 

What is Instagram good for?

Instagram is a great app for businesses to provide interested customers with information about the product they are selling. It was originally created as a picture-based app, but with the introduction of TikTok, Instagram added a feature where creators can post longer videos, known as reels, to their profiles.

Instagram is a social media platform that is more follower-dependent. Reels that businesses post on their page are directed to their followers and rely on interactions from those followers.

If you have a business where longer videos are required to explain a product or service you may provide, that is directed toward a certain audience, Instagram is a great tool to use.

At the end of the day, both apps have their own unique and useful features that can help companies reach more customers and are both great for marketing your business.

If you are confused about which social media platform is right for your business or are unsure of how to get started in creating videos to promote your company, give us a call here at Brazen Bull. We are more than happy to help. 

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