Pride week: marketing win/marketing fail

Marketing Win/Marketing Fail: Pride Edition

You may have noticed social media is awash with rainbows recently. It’s that time of the year when brands worldwide make their logos, photos and even products multi-coloured: Pride month. It’s remarkable...
Thinking about starting a legal blog? Consider the many benefits writing a law blog, or “blawg”, can have you your firm

Starting a legal blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. If you are unsure about starting a legal blog for your website, consider the many benefits of writing a law blog, or “blawg”, can have you your firm. It...
Platt and Associates new website

Platt and Associates – New Website

Platt and Associates is a consulting firm and professional training provider specializing in DUI and DWI litigation. Since it began in 2002, as Walden Platt and Associates, it has grown into the premiere...

SEO has morphed and so should your business

A decade ago, good Search Engine Optimization was a bunch of keywords stuffed onto pages with the right title. These days you cannot fool Google by stuffing your site with keywords. The new key is genuine...

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